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Throwing a Dunt

Poem by Dakota Parks

Published in Sinister Wisdom, 2023

First, you must stretch out
positioning your body comfortably
on your knees, butt—even laying on your stomach
clearing your mind while
slowly kneading,
forearms flexing, straining under pressure
shoulders tensing, releasing in cathartic movements
body warmth radiating through fingertips
palms of the hand massaging
teasing the sides apart
working from bottom to top
sticky white substance drying on the hands
using spit to lubricate
pinching firmly between two fingers,
rubbing the index finger against the thumb
circular motions
sliding up and down
inserting one finger, then two, sinking a hole
gently pulling them toward yourself
squeezing upwards
matching the pace and speed
wetting and smoothing
curling fingers around the neck
pressing in the sides
arching against the lips
until finally a gush of water releases
the wet clay from the spinning wheel
and the vase is ready for the drying rack.
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