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Editing Projects

As an editor, I strive for a creative and collaborative editorial process that inspires my clients and aligns with their goals and vision for a final product. My experience in digital and print publications allows me to seamlessly juggle copyediting while managing teams of editors— with varying levels of experience— and collaborating on publication design with robust graphic design teams to ensure projects remain true to branding and publication audience. Below are a few of my most recent, large-scale editing projects. 

Feminist Spaces
Summer 2022

As the editor-in-chief of this publication, I onboarded and managed a team of 8 editors and 3 graphic designers, designed an editorial calendar to ensure the publication stayed on track for its publication deadline, delegated editing assignments, and coordinated content selection and production while increasing engagement and international readership through our website SEO, targeted social media content on Instagram, and developing a mailing list via Mailchimp.  

Feminist Spaces
Summer 2021

As the editor-in-chief of this publication, I helped revive, rebrand, and rebuild this journal from the ground up by collaborating with a graphic design team to redesign the journal while individually building a new website at From here, I onboarded an 11-person editorial team and designed a seamless editorial process while managing our budget and increasing our website engagement, annual number of submissions, and international readership.  

stay tuned for more to come...

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