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I'm Dakota, a freelance writer, editor, and poet with a passion for storytelling and creative problem solving. My love for reading and writing led me to academia, journalism, digital content creation, and now, proposal writing. In my current role, I collaborate with C-suite executives in the healthcare sector to manage million-dollar writing projects, proposals, and presentations in support of my company’s organic growth. 


Armed with my sticky-note-covered laptop, audio recorder, and housecat coworker, I also create compelling and original content for my freelance clients to support their organic growth and vision. Like any good writer, I can tackle nearly any topic— which means I don’t set out to become a master of any subject. Instead, I collaborate with subject experts and weave together narratives, facts, and a touch of creativity to tell a compelling story.


When I am not fueling my screen-time with caffeine, I am usually completing a DIY home-improvement project, attending an open mic or art event, or cycling around Pensacola with a good book in hand.


Feel free to get in touch with me regarding any projects, pitches, or ideas you have.

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