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Lesbian Time Traveling

Poem by Dakota Parks

Published in Sinister Wisdom, 2023

I dreamt we had a threesome
And the universe.
Our third, shapeshifting:
Bodies in orbit,
traversing familiar yet foreign landscapes
tracing constellations down thighs
charting galaxies with the tip of a tongue
wrapping around one another
entangling our atoms
Disappearing in the sheets,
like falling through a wormhole
Accidentally stumbling into the cosmos
where time slows, stops—warp speeds
Limbs melt into each other,
defy gravity
collide rhythmically like an asteroid belt
Fingers telescoping,
Fine-tuning their calibration,
Again and again—and again
on this celestial journey of
infinite pleasure
Until finally—
the pressure peaks and plummets
burning hot
skin glistening in starlight
back arching, legs earthquaking,
nails clawing sheets
riding the shockwave
like a supernova explosion
the force so strong, she rips apart
space and time
with a moan.
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