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Insatiable Thirst

Poem by Dakota Parks

Published in Sinister Wisdom, 2023

I have never been able to love just one person
Some may call it greedy, hedonistic
as if my love language is a threat to your
presupposed moral system
No, I don’t want the old “ball and chain”
those antiquated deadbolts
locking you down,
breeding jealousy as an artificial indicator of love
dragging that rusty chain around your ankle
as if toxic monogamy is better than divorce
Honey, I think you need a tetanus shot
Of course, I am poly
Polymorphic, meaning— baby, I like variety
Tonight, I want a woman
to whisper poetry between my thighs
practice verses, philosophize
speaking in tongues
Tomorrow, I want to eye-fuck
my mechanic as she is bent over
wrenching on my truck,
just imagine what those hands can do
Sweetheart, I want to sign a mortgage with you
then celebrate at the strip club
watching another woman
back that ass up
your smile, infectious
radiating with love in the strangest places.
How much joy has been lost
to the war waged against love?
who can marry
adopt children
speak openly
share stories with coworkers
hold your partner’s hand in public
without fear of retaliation
to set you straight
In a world filled with so much hate
why wouldn’t I want to fill my cup
overflowing at the rim
frothing at the lips
while we drink our fill
of this insatiable thirst for love
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