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Love: Wrong Answers Only

Poem by Dakota Parks

Published in Sinister Wisdom, 2023

Love is a warm consensual hug on a first date
and never speaking to them again
Love is an institutionalized system of reciprocal obligations
to force one to partake in Hallmark holidays
and patrimonial celebrations
Love is a dying red flower in a vase full
of sugar and vinegar simple solution
Love is the assertion that the heart symbol
originates from the crude representation
of a woman’s ass coined for capitalism
Love is the chemical compound of
dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin
dancing together in your head to
ensure biological reproduction
Love is making everything a metaphor for sex
Love is buying a 48-count pack of
batteries from Sam’s Club
for your twice-a-day vibrator
and deleting Tinder in deliberate liberation
Love is smoking marijuana for the first time
and feeling your heartbeat through your clitoris
Love is an eight-inch dildo suction cupped
to the door of your apartment
and a breakup letter from your girlfriend on the door mat
Love is the unwritten rule
that when all lesbian relationships end
one must throw away the sex toys
Love is a broken finger on your dominant hand
and Googling:
“How to be an ambidextrous lesbian?”
Love is canceling your Sunday plans
to stay in bed and watch The L Word reruns
Love is a fully stocked condom machine
in the public library
and the top browsed category
“Sexy Hot MILF Librarians” on PornHub
Love is an afro of pubic hair
wool socks of leg hair
and razors thrown in the trash
Love Is a Dog From Hell
but that bitch wants HER drill back
and maybe an orgasm, just once?
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